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Knot Logo Design

Logo design for Knot an application providing the fastest way to buy and sell locally. Listing new...
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Rowing Strength Logo

Logo design for Rowing Strength who provide performance training (strength and conditioning) for rowers. Target audience, rowers...
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Signal Logo for Sale

Simple, memorable logo featuring letter S. The icon would work well with any site design...
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Star Drops Logo for Sale

Colorful, bright design suitable for many industries. Background and text colors will be changed as...
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Addilat Webdesign

Webpage design for AddiLat, a developer of innovative printed-electronics manufacturing process technology and materials used in touchscreen...
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Gronskar Gruppen Logo

Logo design for Small Swedish investment company, searching for medium sized family businesses - typical with production...
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Senntech Logo Design

Logo design for import and export computer services company providing assistance with IT support. Read more

My Water Rebate Logo

Logo for a non profit organization serving southern California during one of the state's worst droughts on...
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Woodward Energy Logo

Logo design for Woodward Energy Solutions who are manufacture representatives for energy efficient solutions. Read more

Youdico Logo Design

Winning logo design for Youdico, a young and disruptive app. Youdico is a smartphone application where users...
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Track Lingua Logo Design

Winning logo design for a translation management software. TrackLingua provides clients with a convenient on-line method to...
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Caprock Capital Logo

Winning design for an established institutional financial company in Texas. Caprock Capital work with large wealthy families,...
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RFID Secure Logo Design

Winning logo design for an RFID Secure. Read more

Apply Learning Design

Winning logo design. Apply Learning provides learning architectures across all five moments of learning strategy for rapidly...
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Capital Automation Logo

Winning logo design. Capital Automation sells a combination of home automation and security appliances as a package to...
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Dexteo Logo Design

Winning logo design for Dexteo a service of partnership, innovation, real estate expertise, precision, dexterity, modernity, seriousness...
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First Financial Logo

Winning logo design for a business financing company providing business equipment financing and working capital. Read more

AquaDerm Logo Design

Logo design for Aquaderm, a new brand which sells a range of creams, ointments and soaps. Read more

ThemaWater Logo Design

Logo design for ThemaWater providing specialist services in the field of water purification, in particular the purification...
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Schaefer Law Logo

Contest winning logo for a Canadian family lawyer who deals with divorce and custody issues. Read more

AllCard Logo Design

Award winning design from 188 entries by 72 other designers. AllCard is mobile credit card processing service...
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Adresser Logo Design

Winning logo design. Adresser helps getting the postal addresses of your friends to whom you would like...
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Long Life Logo

Winning logo project. Long Life an international direct sales company focused on the delivery of health and...
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Spa Critic Logo

Winning logo project for SpaCritic a website that reviews spas and fitness camps around the...
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RCS Logo Design

Logo design for Residential Credit Solutions. Read more

Proviso Event Logo

Winning logo design for a Scandinavian internet service for people who need assistance for event registration and...
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Highland Homes Logo

Logo design for a custom home builder. Highland Homes helps design and build beautiful high end custom...
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Crest Real Estate Logo

Logo design for CREST. Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisory Services, Sales and Leasing with an emphasis in...
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Piedmont Financial Logo

Winning logo project. Piedmont Financial Advisors provides comprehensive personal financial planning for individuals and families. Piedmont help...
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Domestech Logo Design

Winning logo design for a home automation systems supporting ambient assistant living. Read more

Miracles Logo Design

Winning logo for a website where users can sign up to create online fundraisers for themselves or...
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TechGlobe Logo Design

Logo design for an IT company providing manpower for both contract and full-time positions, delivering projects on...
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Parkplace Logo Design

Logo design for Parkplace Residential.
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Fieldstone Logo Design

Winning logo design from over 500 entries by 146(!) designers. Fieldstone Technology Advisory Partners is a global...
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Candle Capital Logo

Logo design for Candle Capital, a company that invests in businesses that make a difference to the...
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NCS Logo Design

Logo for a nationally focused new credit restoration and repair company. The marketing approach which is being...
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Guardian Logo Design

Logo design for Guardian a period panty or underwear. It prevents leakages for women during their menstruation...
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Elevate Consulting Logo

Winning logo design. Elevate Consulting is developing health communications and creating education materials related to health including...
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Total Market Logo

Logo design for Total Market Research.
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Safe Secure Logo Design

Winning logo design out 274 entries by 110 designers for Safe Secure, sellers of the latest security...
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Shift Consulting Logo

Winning logo design out 155 entries by 62 designers for a health and wellness consulting company that...
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Cynqronize Logo

Logo design for a QR code based tracing technology focused on tracking sustainability in a supply chain. Read more

Kaji Networks Logo

Winning design out of 166 entries from 57 designers for Kaji Networks. Kaji means fire in Japanese,...
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Winning logo design for a social network for volunteers aiming to discover and participate in...
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Brighter Good Logo

Logo design for an online directory for locally-owned and operated businesses that provides advertising and promotional opportunities...
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Novigo Logo Design

Logo design for Novigo. Read more

Vertivine Logo Design

Logo design for a professional web services firm. We offer domain hosting, site hosting, site design, and...
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Texadia Logo Design

Logo design for a start up company that will offer professional installation services and products for Audio...
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Talavant Logo Design

Winning logo contest featuring 373 design concepts from 93 designers for an IT professional services firm focused...
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UPC Logo Design

Logo for a finance services company. United Preferred Companies (UPC) is dedicated to serving small business, co-op,...
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Siteview Logo Design

Logo design for Siteview.

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Epona Logo Design

Epona is a financial planning services primarily to woman, many of whom are at some stage of...
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Gezondheid Logo

Winning logo design for a Dutch website/blog for health related content. Read more

SRE Logo Design

SRE is a B2B company that is involved in the mining and processing of rare earth minerals...
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FunLoop Logo Design

Winning logo design. FunLoop makes fun games for kids ages 5-12 for mobile and tablet. The games...
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Grentone Capital Logo

And this one goes out to New Zealand... Grentone Capital offers global investors a platform to develop...
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Winning logo design for a new Swedish site that is about to get launched is named
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StandBuy MRO Logo

Customized logo design form the logo store for StandBuy MRO. More logos from the store: HERE. Read more

TICA Logo Design

Logo design for TICA - The Institute of Compassionate Awareness - a non-profit organization that have been...
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Critical Point Logo

Winning logo design project for Critical Point Partners, a client focused financial advisor firm focused on corporate...
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Suggestar Logo Design

Winning logo design for Suggestar, a mobile research platform which allows customers to quickly give simple feedback...
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Best Trading Logo Design

Logo design for a website that publishes real reviews about personally tested online-trading products and services, just...
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EcoPower Logo Design

Winning logo design for a fund that will help people invest in solar energy projects in the...
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Competing against 43 designers from around the world, here is the award winning logo for Videoza, a...
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Cloud Innovation Logo

Design from the Logo Store. You can purchase this logo HERE including...
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Circled Life Logo Design

Logo design for a mobile application to help families stay connected and safe through location updates, child...
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Verus Wealth Logo Design

Winning logo design for Verus Wealth, a brand new venture, providing financial planning/wealth management solutions to entrepreneurs...
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MobileSkys Logo Design

Winning logo design for a UK based tech start-up. MobileSkys offers HTML5 web design and mobile app...
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Winning logo design for a German health and fitness blog: Read more

Bullet Biotech Logo

Winning logo design for a biotechnology company with a mission to cure cancer using immunotherapy. The product...
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NSA Logo Design

Winning logo design project from 59 concepts by 18 other designers/studios. National Staffing Alliance consists of independently...
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Rayz Logo Design

Winning logo design for a Middle Eastern creative social media & e-marketing solutions company. Read more

Kidapt Logo Design

Winning logo design out of 122 entries. Kidapt is an innovative media company dedicated to using post-PC...
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Dovetail Systems Logo

Winning logo project  out of 180 design concepts from 35 designers for Dovetail Systems, Inc. Read more

Local Offers Logo Design

Logo design for an offers and deals website similar to Groupon. "We looked for...
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Logo design for, a technology company that supports secure transactions for non-profits. The challenge was to...
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Socially Driven Logo

Simple, eye-catching logo for Socially Driven  a carsharing company and a social experience that is meant to...
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Invert Robotics Logo

Winning logo design project for Invert Robotics. The Client wanted to project an image of proficiency,...
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Key Media Logo Design

Logo design for Key Media Contacts a company that offers do-it-yourself PR for small and mid sized...
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Factor3 Solutions Logo

Logo design for a call center basis with unique lines of business on top of them. Read more

Federated Youth Logo

Logo design for a non-profit organization that receives funds from Wisconsin cooperatives and distributes them to...
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Carolina Women's Logo

Winning logo design project for Carolina Women's a surgical center in the United States that provides cosmetic,...
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Uppidy App Logo Design

Uppidy is a brand new mobile message storage and sharing service. With Uppidy you can...
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Sprinfield Wire Logo

Logo design for Sprinfield Wire Inc. a manufacturing company established in 1921 that offers an ...
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Grassroot Media Logo

Logo design. Grassroot Media sells advertising space to companies and sports clubs wanting to talk to young,...
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Techster Systems Logo

The word 'Techster' means 'someone who is, or who is associated with, or who does something...
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"We are a small start-up and felt certain that quality, professional design expertise was out of our reach. Then we met Logabo and realized we were wrong. The work and the process was more than we could have ever expected. Logabo immediately understood our need, our Brand and our challenges and over-delivered...

"Great design right off the bat! great designer to work with, it was a real pleasure. Thanks to Logabo my company will have a new fresh start." - Blue Shell Construction Ltd.

"We love our new logo! logabo's original design was clear and didn't need any re-design work, the first shot at the concept was the clear winner. Thank you!" - Susan, Bullet Biotechnology Inc.

"From a small brief was able to express the logo and the feeling we wanted the most. The communication was prompt and precise. 10/10, will do logo again." -

"Excellent job! Logabo put forth one of my favorite logos early in the process. The team had some changes and we requested an updated submission. Logabo took our comments and came up with an excellent modification, winning the bid. Afterward, he provided a complete set of vector and bitmap graphics, fonts...

"Very professional, listening and patient designer. Would highly recommend Logabo's service. Delivered with my service modification requests promptly." - Grentone

"The logo was very important for us as it had to make an impact with the user in the way we wanted the brand to be conveyed. We were beginning to lose hope after several designers created their ideas which did not meet our vision but then...

" was absolutely GREAT to work with. Very helpful in working me through several revisions until the logo was absolutely perfect! Very happy with the logo and recommend without reservation! Great designer!" - Mike, Highland Homes

"We were very pleased with the logo design for our new company. This designer was very attentive to our design brief and additional direction. The intial design was spot on, and subsequent tweaking was gladly accomodated with valuable input from the designer. I would highly recommend!" - M. Kieffer

"The designer has been very professional by answering quickly to all our changes and by delivering a brilliant logo with both vectorial and bitmap images, even with different backgrounds. Our new logo is now fresher and fits perfectly the company's profile." - ThemaWater Team

"I am extremely happy with what you have shown me. I have a few friends that are also starting their own companies and will gladly recommend you to them. Your design really stood out amongst the 50+ that were submitted to me and it has been a great pleasure working with you." -...

"Logabo's design met the requirements and instructions straight ahead with a single try. We had a great amount of potential designs on our contest and in the end the modern, crisp & minimalist design was an easy pick." - Internetyhtiö Revanssi

"Working with was a great experience. Not only do we love the design, but the communication was very clear and easy. We'd be happy to work with this designer again!." - Molly, TypeFinder

"Did a great job. Very creative. Professional. A pleasure to work with. Would definitely recommend." - Heloent

"This logo design met all the requirements of our design brief and the selected symbol represents what we do as a business ie. watching our client's premises. Great work logabo" -Adrian, AD-TECH Security

"The designs submitted by this artist were all very high quality.  They responded to feedback promptly and with intelligent, creative choices.  Their professionalism continued all the way through the handoff process, where a wide variety of image formats were provided including a variety of different color combinations to support different ...

" was super easy to work with--interpreted the design brief and my notes perfectly. A pleasure to work with." - Meg

"It was a pleasure working with Beyond the logo that I had requested, he provided ideas for how his proposed logo would work on a business card, letterhead and cup. This was extremely helpful. He provided his work in more formats and colour combinations than I had even asked for. Again extremely helpful. Communication...

"Logabo came up with the perfect design for our start-up. He was the designer who best understood our requirements and provided us with a complete concept for the use of the logo in a new app. The handover worked perfectly too and we even received more versions of the design than we expected." - Lukas, Ace-It...

"Die Zusammenarbeit mit lief absolut professionell, vom ersten Entwurf bis zur Auslieferung. So hat immer wieder neue Varianten unseres favorisierten Entwurfs geliefert, bis alle Beteiligten zufrieden waren. Nach Fertigstellung wurde für das Logo ohne besondere Anforderung ein Komplettset an Dateien in vielen verschiedenen Formaten und für unterschiedlichste Plattformen geliefert. Angesichts unseres kleinen Budgets...

"Very prompt reaction time, and also very attentive to our needs and change requests. It was a pleasure to work together!" - J. Bartels

"The design captured the critical elements of the brief, but put in some thought about how the logo might 'scale' that my brief did not steer towards. I appreciate the professionalism. I also got way more files in the end than I asked for, but now I have all that...

"We would highly recommend Logabo Design to any person or business looking for unique, professional design work. We could not be more pleased with our logo and the customer service we received was exemplary. The designer is incredibly talented and was very accommodating and prompt in meeting our design needs. The designer's quality...

"The wonderful thing about having a logo designed is seeing so many different artistic interpretations. Even better is that magic moment when you see your company image come to life in someone else's eyes and know they have hit the mark perfectly. As soon as I saw the logo Logabo designed I knew it was...

"I really appreciate to collaborate with Logabo. The design is clean with a lot of sense regarding the brief. Very reactive and easy to work with. I'll recommend you for my others project for sure." - Philippe B. - Dimyx

"I love the concept you came up with for my logo. It is exactly what I was looking for." - Factor3 Solutions

"We are so pleased with our logo that translates strong in design and represents our non-profit institute very well. Thank you!" - Michelle, TICA

"Logabo has come up with a simple and effective logo that suited what we were after. I would definitely recommend Logabo for any work in the future." - Mark, Global Gateways Ltd.

"Fantastic designer. Logabo ultimately knew what we needed in our design. Thank you!" - Suggestar

"Being new to the logo design process, I very much appreciated logabo's willingness to help me identify a color palette and also a unique design for Elevate. During the final design handover, logabo provided everything needed to ensure I can move forward with developing marketing materials for my company. Thank you!" - Elizabeth, Elevate Consulting

"Fantastic designer who managed to meet our criteria to the letter." - D. Wheatly

"After receiving several proposals from different designers I thought that the process of getting a great logo for my firm would be difficult. Then Logoabo submitted his proposal and all my attention was suddenly drawn to this design. I could not get it out of my head and although he submitted several versions upon request,...